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Tiny Links

Super Nt is a $190 FPGA, HDMI SNES. Woo Doggie, this here is a sexy product I don't think anyone is going to buy. It's a SNES Clone, not an emulator it uses actual hardware reverse engineered from Nintendo to replicate the SNES experience. Even the SNES or NES Classics Nintendo is releasing are microcomputers running emulation software. The big difference between the NT and the SNES though is that it has native 1080p output via HDMI. Again, it all sounds very cool but who is this for? People with a large SNES cartridge library but a broken SNES? Or people too lazy to buy an HDMI adapter?

SNES Classic: The Kotaku Review.Speaking of Retro gaming, Kotaku did a pretty nice review of the SNES Classic. Seeing pictures of it in action you really get a sense of just how small it really is. It's only about twice the size of my Raspberry Pi, which is tiny. It definitely sounds like a fun toy, but at almost $100 it's a hard pass for me. My entire RetroPi set up cost me about $30. If this thing was closer to $50 I'd say it would be a must buy if for nothing else than Star Fox 2.

The 11 Best Tiny Houses You Can Buy on Amazon. I'd buy a tiny house on Amazon. I think putting one int he backyard would be super cool. Instead of a man cave I could have a man house. A place away from the family to do all my man things. Or maybe we put the kids in there and just check on them once a week or so. What could go wrong?

Nostalgia Overload: Oldschool Video Game Magazine AdsLOL, look at this dork. Who plays a game like that? Does he think it's one of those keyboard guitars?

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Sega Football Manager Brings Real In-Game Moments To Life in ‘Like A Boss’ Campaign

Sports Interactive unveils Football Manager 2018 campaign ‘Like A Boss’ with creative agency Mox.

The campaign focuses on bringing the ‘FM feeling’ to life, using in-game moments and recreating them in film. For example, unveiling your wife as your new star player and celebrating average exam results like Paolo Di Canio.

The campaign is targeted at new users of the game, a bullseye audience of 13-24 year old football fans. The campaign is optimized by social content in partnership with Ladbible, and an influencer content series, which takes the campaign to the target audience. A further six films have been created, including a mini Christmas ad, for social channels.

Matt Bolton, creative director at Mox commented: "We set out to push Sports Interactive into unknown territory and prove to them that a truly digital-first campaign will deliver them results. The interchangeable Like A Boss line gave us the flexibility to have a hell of a lot of fun with the creative, partnerships and influencers whilst still having consistent swagger throughout the campaign. It's also been the most enjoyable project I've ever worked on...from the client team, to production with Bullion all the way through to the post at Envy it's fair to say we built a little family here, with everyone invested in the output - something we plan to build with every project at Mox."

Alan Granger, marketing manager at Football Manager said: “From day one, Mox have pushed us to think differently. The strategic framework for the bottom-up approach was exceptional, and their understanding of and passion for youth-culture enabled us to trust them very quickly. The passion, openness and attention to detail from Mox is frightening and the result, we believe, is a campaign that brings Football Manager authentically into the world of our target audience.”

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