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TITANS Official Trailer DC Universe (SDCC 2018)

Friends.... I had to break my blogging hiatus to share just how craptastic this Titans trailer from SDCC is. In case you were out of the loop this is like the big showpiece for the new DC Streaming Service "DC Universe". It looks so bad. Like whoever wrote it came up with that "Fuck Batman" line and then worked backwards from there.

There's a lot to unpack here and I don't really have the time to do it justice. I'll just summarize all the points I don't have time to make: You can make a show about serious issues and drama without all the grimdark nonsense the film version of DC/WB is obsessed with (See any of their successful TV shows). If any property deserves that sort of serious but fun treatment it's the Teen Titans. Muddying it up and having Dove, the character who is supposed to be the pacifist ying to Hawk's violent Yang, slashing bad buys ankles with her wing knives is just ridiculously poor taste. Have fun DC, good luck with this nonsense.

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