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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

This new trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Plants is absolutely bonkers, in the best sort of way. It's directed by Luc Besson so I guess we should expect bonkers. It's funny I looked up his credits really quickly on IMDB and while he's written an produced roughly a thousand movies in the last 10 years he's only directed a couple. Lucy and the Family being the big two, his resume is mostly filled with shorts and animated movies that I don't believe ever saw a release in the states. I guess he's a big enough name (especially in Europe) that he's able to pick his own projects. I mean you'd think after the Fifth Element there would have been a dozen studios just pulling up to his house with dump trucks full of money to remake some old sci-fi property.

Is it just me or would Cara Delevingne be the perfect Gadget Hackwrench in a live action Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers movie? Luc Besson should really get to work on that.

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