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What This Guy Did With 4000 Books Is Impressive

It seems as though Kindles and iPads have taken over the reading world with their digital copies. As technology develops it’s leaving books in the dark depths of our bookshelves.

To be honest when you’ve got Winnie The Pooh books from your childhood lying around, what can you really do with them?

Build a fort? Give them to a local charity shop? Throw them in the log fire to save money?

Well, Imgur user Deece27 has found the answer… to decorate his living room with 4000 books!

The TV stand is the only thing in the room at the start as the preparations and building began.

Of course, the books needed to come from somewhere…

It looks like an office move out doesn’t it? This library stock needed some forklifts and transport to begin the living room decorations.

Book lovers may find the next image traumatising, so here’s  a warning to close your eyes as you scroll down the page…

It’s like a scene from Saw. However, it was done with the best of intentions to successfully make the jigsaw puzzle of books.

As the book torture finally finished, the walls and ceiling had to be covered.

Eventually when the books filled up the wall to the max, the wall had to be angled so that the books could then fill the ceiling.

Some Reddit users left silly comments about the masterpiece, but we think it’s a great burst of creativity.

Come on, do you expect deece27 to read 4000 books? He’s clearly got better things to do!

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