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XXXTentacion: 20 facts you should find out about the rapper

XXXTentacion was an American rapper and songwriter.

The music industry lost another great artist. XXXTentacion was found dead after a gun shot. He was leaving a motorcycle dealership in south Florida on Monday when two men approached him. Well known rappers such as Kanye West and Sean “Diddy” Combs  posted tributes for the rapper on social media.

These are some facts you should know about XXXTentacion: 

  1. He was born January 23, 1998.
  2. XXXTentacion’s real name was Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy .
  3. He was born and raised Plantation, Florida.
  4. He had three siblings.
  5. XXXTentacion was raised by his grandmother, Collette Jones because his mother was struggling financially.
  6. He was of Syrian, Egyptian, Indian, German, Jamaican and Italian descent.
  7. At the age of 6 he stabbed a man because he attacked his mother.
  8. He got interested in music because he participated in school choir and later church choir.
  9. As  young boy he was learned how to play the guitar and piano.
  10. As a teenager he was regularly involved in physical confrontations and changed schools on a regular base.
  11. He started his career in music in 2013 and the first song he released was called  “News/Flock”.
  12. Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, Cage the Elephant, The Fray, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Gorillaz and Coldplay were some of his influences when it came to music.
  13. He used to change his voice when it came to his songs. He had an aggressive but emotional tone too.
  14. He was a controversial figure within the hip-hop industry.
  15. He was known for assaulting fans and having different feuds with other rappers.
  16. One of the singers he had a feud with was Drake. People compared Drake’s song “KMT,” with XXXTentacion’s song  “Look at Me!” and they said that the flow was similar. And that’s how the feud started.
  17. SAD! and Moonlight were two songs that people loved!
  18. He was facing 15 felony charges at the time of his death.
  19. He was the most popular artist in the genre known as SoundCloud Rap.
  20. Onfroy was shot and killed on June 18, 2018.


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